Ferrari SF90 v new Rimac Nevera: DRAG RACE *WORLD RECORD!!!*

Publisert 1. juni. 2021
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It’s time for an absolutely epic hypercar showdown! We’ve got the Ferrari SF90 going up against the all-new Rimac Nevera!

So, let’s take a look at how these two hypercars compare to each other. Starting with the Ferrari, it’s powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 along with some electric motors. Combined, the engine and motors can produce 1,000hp and 800Nm! It also weighs in at 1,770kg, and you can pick one up for around £376,000.

But trust us, that’s NOTHING compared to the Nevera! It’s an all electric hypercar powered by 4 electric motors, which combine to produce 1,914hp and an absolutely ridiculous 2,360Nm of torque!! It weighs in at 2,150kg, and as for the price, it’s a bit more than the SF90… Costing £2,000,000!!

Could it be our most exciting drag race yet?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!!

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  • So the Rimac Rivera is now the quickest 1/4 mile car for carwow isn’t it?!

  • Croatian Power...

  • From now on the noisiest cars are the slowest

  • Will future supercar buyers prefer the noise of a hybrid engine over the ultra speed of an electric car. In theory a stripped model S performance might beat the Italians finest but that's not the idea. Is the real pleasure of a good supercar not its experience on twisty roads and hard corners not just traffic lights drag racing

  • SO SICK! But also very understandable as the RIMAC has about 900 more horsepower

  • We need the 911 turbo S against that ferrari and the 1000hp m5, it will be mental!

  • Nobody Cares About the Power and the Improvement of Ferrai.......! The ONLY THING people see is that Rimac is super good.....and also ferrai being too powerful theres no supporters of it i can see that here in the comment section.....Believe or not Put Lambo or Mclaren....see how they get beaten by it so badly than ferrai..!


  • Meanwhile Tesla fanboys "Model S Plaid is the fastest production car" SMH!

    • You said it right. Production car

  • 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

  • nevera is the c2, just to clear up confusion.

  • New Model S Plaid vs this

  • 1000 hp vs 1900 hp?????is this joke??

  • Tek je dvanaest sati !!!!!!!!

  • I thought I’ll never feel this about an electric car, but I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVE THIS RIMAC 🤘🏻🤩🤘🏻

  • INSANE 🤩

  • What I know is that Matthew is good at launching

  • This man can launch a car !

  • Omg by by ferrari

  • bugatti can't be designing a pure petrol successor to Chiron. Can't be. even though it still has the top speed

  • it is written

  • 1st gear they are the same but when the ferrari shifts into 2nd its just done

  • Damn that was fast, I'm only can imagine it how it feel to sit in that beast !

  • The 2K dislikes are from the triggered Tesla fanboys and Musk cultists :-)

    • Why so? I like both companies

  • Rimac is Croatian Elon Musk, lets goooo

  • So you're comparing a half million dollar car (which means it's the base model) to a TWO AND a half million dollar car (starting price), what's suppose to be surprising here - that you actually had the audacity to compare cars in vastly separate brackets?... Are your viewers not car people or something?

  • Faaaaack

  • Am I crazy for still preferring the SF90 over the Rimac? It just looks better, has more exotic appeal and of course the sound will private aural pleasure 👀 I would still be the top dog in a drag race and insist it's against my religion to race a Rimac 😂

  • The rimac is insane

  • Evo x fq440 vs amg a45 vs fk8 type r please

  • Looks like the Rimac stole a little design from the 918 Spyder. A tad. Mostly just the rims lol!

  • I want to watch the nevera go up against a turbo S

  • Cool

  • Q: So what exactly happened? A: You got destroyed in seconds

  • The way that Rimac takes off is innnnsane!!

  • Hammond hamster... this time let 'the Stig' safely test the Rimac Nevera 'beast' on the Nurburgring.

  • its anfare because the rimac is a hypercar and the ferrari is a supercar

  • SF90 looks better which is all that matters when you spend $2million on a car.

  • The rimac rear reminds me of the i8

  • We need nevera vs tesla model s plaid.

  • i love it, poor Ferrari, but It's still impressive xd

  • Q:Why did mat jump into the Rimac A:He wants to win

  • That's fucking insane.

  • I want to see how that rimac performs against a bugatti and a Koenigsegg

  • 1000 HP is just amazing !!!!

  • 1000 HP is just amazing !!!!

  • I look at it as the preview of the new Roadster 😎😎

  • The rimac is so so fast🤯

  • What the heck is this acceleration

  • Stradale looks sexyyyy

  • I want to see the Rimac race a car that has the same horsepower it! Maybe a 2000hp GTR

  • sf90 vs 911 turbo s

  • The SF90 needs a bra on the front to protect it from Rimac dust. Wrong car has the red paint.

  • Now alot of Sports car manufacture has to go back on the drawing board.Competition would not stop, i guess.It will take some months to beat this Rimac.Good Luck ! in Taken

  • The crazy lily notablely bruise because canoe roughly melt onto a kindhearted chick. axiomatic, ossified centimeter

  • Damn that things fast

  • Tesla claimed the fastest 1/4 mile at 9.2 seconds yesterday.....They must have not seen this video

    • @Alex Z Im sorry buddy but Nevera is just as much a production car right now as the Tesla S Plaid. And unfortunately the Plaid is not the fastest production car. Maybe with the Roadster you guys will achieve the feat.

    • @Sebalj My money would be on the Nevera, but a £2m hypercar v an under $200,000 sedan isn't really a fair race. I'd want to see the Roadster 2 v the Nevera. As for the range, I think 500km is where virtually all range anxiety vanishes.

    • @David Keenan and yes i hope in near future, sweet spot for ev range 800km in one charge

    • @David Keenan ofc I prefer tesla because it's car for every day use. so nevera is hypercar and this maybe not for correspondence who is fastest. but if you specific say Tesla is fastest production car it's not. i hope in near future race between nevera and plaid.

    • @Sebalj For me it doesn't matter that much that the Nevera "will" take the crown as the fastest production car away from Tesla. For me it's more notable is that both cars are pure electric. This is a milestone in the end of the ICE.

  • Why the fuck would i want a super fast corvette that cost 2 million

  • Ferrari new styling is just shite, and the rimac is straight out the 90,s not to mention sounding like a mens razor, it really is a boring looking car, he looks like he has the sense of humour of an amoeba. We all know electric cars are quick. Ferrari could make one the same but they dont need to

  • Can we put that rimac nevera against the bugatti divo please

  • You can see that Mate is just feeding the power in over the first cpl hundred feet. Let's the Ferrari hook up, then steps on it and dusts it.

  • The Rimac guy is a total douche.


  • i realy don't care about World Records, but if u ask about the best super car ewer build onle one name come to my mind SUPRA!!!

  • Nevera performanse better than formula?

  • He doesnt know how to shift

  • 1000hp vs 2000hp come on lmao we all knew what was winning😂

    • Weight matters, true

    • 400 kg weight difference is a lot for drag races

  • Ferrari Is Name Only.

  • I'll buy the Rimac if they make in 4 door

  • I'd rather not beat the Rimac and keep my Ferrari sound!!!

    • @5 Star Reviews 200+ miles an hour is plenty fast for an "old timer" like have a good one!😁👍

    • when sound signifies slow

    • just as the old timers kept their horses and refused to get a car

  • 2360 Nm???


  • Drop the fucking walkie talkie when you drive man, drives me mad, its like you’re half assin’ it.

  • Wonder who will get spanked

  • Whatt!! Rimac Nevera r u fcking kidding me?? OO MY LORD! INSANE SPEED NEVERA!! Seriously im speechless see the crazy speed!!! Damn!!!

  • it’s an all electric car nobody gives a single fuck.

  • Mat, when you took off in that electric car, your face became completely free of wrinkles...that how much power/G force this electric car has...WoW.

  • Fully electric supercar vs hybrid supercar🔥insane drag 😍👌

  • Seems like they directly went to the Forza's Horizo 2 aerodrome to film this drag race :)

  • Great vid bro!

  • Always very cool cars love them forever they are rly cool

  • But I’d rather have the Ferrari

  • Next event.... Tesla Roadster Vs Rimac.

    • 😎 Can't wait.

  • Need to buy one to escape from wife

  • Wow crazy fast!

  • 2360 Nm I can't even wrap my head around that number! 😳That much torque should be enough to rotate the planet the other way around. Insane!

  • If the did all the tests without recharging the ev, that’s already very impressive

  • Ok, the Rimac is faster. 9.6s vs 8.4s. But. You can buy 5 Ferrari SF90 for the price of one Rimac Nevera. This brings 2 questions: 1. In what world do we live in, that you can refer to a Ferrari as the "really cheap" option? 2. If Ferrari make a car that is 2 million, would it be worse, the same, or better than the Rimac?

    • @Z3t487 nope. 1200/1300hp lighter car could do the same job and would be more funny and effective on a track

    • Maybe better, but it must be full EV.

  • I bet this hurts Elons feelings, just a little.

    • @Alex Z which are?

    • @Jacy Bongo I just say that today, the fastest production car is still the Plaid. There are plenty of non-productions cars faster than the Nevera or Plaid...

    • @Alex Z Fine

    • @Jacy Bongo Maybe in 2 months, the Nevera will be the fastest production car on 1/4 mile. But today it's the Plaid :[ii]

    • @Alex Z its being produced or what you wont accept its faster until 25 are produced. Okay see you in about 2 months

  • Woooow 😶😮😮

  • Rimac je zadao domaći zadatak! Svaka čast šefe! :-)

  • The future is electric

    • suuuure... when you will can produce tons of CLEAN electric power for all world's population e-cars without half the planet occur into a blackoutand and, in the meantime, you don't have to wait hours if more then 5 car need a recharge at the station...😂😂😂

  • One word: *DeLorean*

  • 5 ferrari and petrol for them or just rimac.

  • Ponos ! 🇭🇷❤

  • We need Rimac vs Bugatti

  • The race we want: Tesla Roadster Vs. Rimac Nevera

    • If the Rimac concept one can kick everyone's butt easily, you know this one's gonna be good.

  • A full electric ferrari will be mental.


  • You break the world record!🤯🤯🤯