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8:43BMW E46 M3 v Toyota GR Yaris: DRAG RACE
11:40New BMW M3 v Old 700hp M3: DRAG RACE
New BMW M3 v Old 700hp M3: DRAG RACEGanger 1,2 mill15 dager siden
10:34VW Golf R Mk8 v Mk7.5: DRAG RACE
VW Golf R Mk8 v Mk7.5: DRAG RACEGanger 1 mill22 dager siden
8:53New Audi S3 v Old Audi RS3 - DRAG RACE
10:40BMW M5 1000hp v M5 Comp v M550i - DRAG RACE


  • Did he got beaten by a Peugeot ? Jeremy Clarkson dislike this video

  • "..OOHH Now its the other one" xDD

  • 33SP , 1967 vintage…..Google it Matt!😎

  • No matter who won... it shows that the efficiency and convinience of long trips are comparable!

  • "Oh no it's the other one" hahahaha love it.

  • Race an rivian r1t

  • At least mat is in a Mercedes that can frame crops 😂😂😂

  • The apollo ie has the best sounding V12 and the devel sixteen has a V16 and sounds awesome

  • I love that BAM BAM BAM BAM

  • Toyota GR veloster megane yaris

  • Bullshit it should be m340i against a s4

  • Review a lambo

  • Great video. You are both ev ninjas!!!!!

  • The buggy was just happy to be a part of it

  • 0:48 Yianni goes " W O W 🙄". 😂😂😂

  • Scotland? Snow? In June? Sounds like sado maso. I have too much sun, too much electricity from my PV panels, even after recharging my EV, and my home battery, after having heated up my swimming pool to 30 degrees C since end of March and enjoying Covid free living in the Algarve. Scotland is here too, distilled in whiskey bottles. And on Netflix. But not with the cold :( :(

  • I really want to see turbocharged vs NA!! Get every generation Evo and vs their non turbo equivalent lancer model. ALL IN THE SAME RACE!! See which Evos win and which lancers win!! I feel like this is the kind of race that would draw a lot of attention!!!

  • So close and so boring...

  • cars that nobody needs

  • Humvee vs Knight vs Marauder Please...

  • Bro next video Lamborghini veneno vs Bugatti Chiron.

  • Tesla ❤️

  • Dodge traction control was off, that is why it was spinning and not enough power to push forward.

  • คู่หูนรกแตก 555

  • Review the fortuner

  • I want that crazy buggy thing! It's like a wasp, tiny, hyperactive and somehow evil. Love it.

  • 7:26 karma is a bitch😈😈

  • Whats this about the landcruiser 200 coming in only 1 engine, actually it had 3. 2 petrols and 1 diesel.

  • Hi, Mat! Your videos are very-very interesting! If you can, please make the race between BMW M5 CS and Mercedes-benz AMG GT 4-door. Please like it so that Mat can see it.

  • It’s about the better driver about the bmw

  • So much stress..

  • 1:20 understated aesthetics are a Land Cruiser selling-point

  • i did put wheel combination of bigger rims and low profile tire, got ECU (professional one), air ride, new exhaust system and widening (both body and wheels) on my multipla. but its audio light show car, not a racer. also work was done by profesionals (at least i hope they where) so im probably good.

  • This was a good video

  • I drive that in my daily commute, in gta five, sadly it doesn't have a well distributed weight, it flips over easily when I crash it

  • Love this car, I have one and I highly recommend it

  • That Lambo with 6.5 liter is a shame among cars..

  • Where is the SL65 AMG Black Series ??

  • I'll wait until you could recharge fully under 10 minutes. Waiting for an hour or so is a massive deal breaker compared to petrol cars

  • I need model s plaiddddd on carwow

  • Rwd is faster than Awd if same stats on rolling race

  • Japanese are often short. That's why the ceiling is so far down in the car. 😆

  • The Mario Kart effects were hilarious!

  • Rimac making a carbon fibre stick of truth is a sign of a brilliant or team

  • Get Umers Golf Five GTI on the channel

  • Now its the other one 😂😂

  • This one is hilarious 😂

  • Toyota 🔥

  • Sorry but it has no soul... the sound of electric motor not only sound awful but also drive me crazy. We can't let the environmental NAZI'S destroy our choice to buy what of car you want!

  • Could you do a race with the Hurucan Coupe 4wd, Hurucan Evo Coupe 4wd, Hurucan Perfomante Coupe and Hurucan STO

  • It would be cool to add an s8!😀

  • I'd be cool if you had a track that you test the cars on

  • German 🇩🇪 engineering man❗

  • Looks like the Rimac stole a little design from the 918 Spyder. A tad. Mostly just the rims lol!

  • Overpriced Audi POS…

  • Adding another, regular combustion car to the convoy may be interesting.

  • You should try contact the autograss league and get few class 7 class 8 class 9 class 10 car put against the lambo.

  • The best car review/EV real world range test anywhere on the internet or TV I’ve ever seen. Matt you’ve outdone yourself - very well done!

  • I want to watch the nevera go up against a turbo S

  • Cool

  • I am a Mercedes fan but really electric Audi looks way better than electric Benz.

  • Aventador

  • The Drag race we never thought we needed 😀

  • You can never miss the good old 2JZ. It is still a beast, even in today’s standards. It is better with a manual. I hope u can bring back the manual on a drag race. Pls

  • mustang v8??

  • Forza Alfa 🍀☺️

  • Do the same test in cars in the 30k£ price range. It would be interesting how many hours of charging and quickstops you will have to do.

  • I wish VW steps up the game in all their sub brands and even in VW cars. Maybe fit V12 engine in polo..... If you give me an option to pick between Bugatti Chiron or VW polo I would definitely choose a Polo. In India especially south we love polo its a beautiful machine.

  • Yianni behaves like hulk when he's behind the wheel

  • Yanni bu kanalın Ümit Erdimidir. (Not: biliyorum buralarda bir yerlerde türk var)

  • Please get a Model S plaid to run.

  • RIP land rover 😏

  • La ferrari v Sf90 please

  • There is nothing wrong with the position of the steering wheel. You guys have it all wrong.

  • Hard to understand, the M140i on the straight is normally an absolute powercar

  • Q: So what exactly happened? A: You got destroyed in seconds

  • Lamborghini had extra weight

  • People pay over £220,000 in Pakistan for one of these! However most reliable v8 4x4 of all time

  • reviewing an electric car and not spending one single word about it's range? ok.

  • Can you please do a drag race with the Rimac nevera vs the bugatti chiron super sport